Begin to create the design outlines using your LIXPEN UV.
Then remove the cat from the paper.
Fill-in the gaps with different colours and make zigzag lines.

create the base with the length of the cat.

Then fix it to the bottom of the cat .

To make a ball, you need to inflate a balloon.

Then pass around the balloon severals times.

Burst the balloon.

Fill the hole by passing around again.

Take 2 filaments and stick them together.

make a circle and fix it on the stick.

Create the base of the stick.

And fix it to the stick.

Cut the stick to make a triangle.

Fix it to the base and to the stick.

Make zigzag lines like you did with the cat.

Extrude a line.

With the lixpen you can melt the filament and create a hook.

Attach the hook to the ball.

And attach the small stick to the circle and the bigger stick.

Here is the end result.

Check the full video tutorial here

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