Black top
Hair dryer


Use tape so that the filament won’t stick to the paper.
Start creating the pattern using black filament.
Once the pattern is complete, remove off the paper.

If you have a bust ,dress it up with a black top.

If you don’t have a bust,create the form of your shoulder using tinfoil.

Put your pattern on your tinfoil shoulder, cut off the excess pattern.

If you use the bust, pin the pattern on the bust.

Take the hair-dryer ,start to create waves/folds, apply heat from both the top and the bottom to create the folds in the design, and wait until it hardens.

Caution, if you use the tinfoil, do not do this directly on the skin.

Cut the pattern into a round, curvy shape, and remove the pattern from the bust.

Cut the velcro into three strips, place the soft velcro (with the sticky side) onto the shirt in three sections – the front, top and back of the shoulder.

Repeat the same step as above, this time with the hard side of the velcro on the pattern.  Stick the pattern onto the three velcro strips on the shirt.

Here is what it looks like when complete.

You can wear it as shown below or create your own unique style, using different colored filament or use a t-shirt or sweater.

Check the full video tutorial here

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