Measure and cut filament rods to create the shape of the body and fix them togther using your Lix UV – do this for all parts. You must have double all the parts except for the hull.
The shape is till flexible at this stage, so attach the upright pieces to make it rigid. Do the same for the hull.
For the propeller, once filled in, remove and twist the parts while they are still warm, do this for all 3 propeller blades.

Once stuck together ,build a small dome at the centre in a circular motion.

For the wheels, build more layers to make them thicker.

Use your Lix UV to poke a hole in the middle.

Pass a filament rod through the wheel, trim it at the edge of the wheel, and make points with your Lix to keep the wheel in place.

Secure the wheel to the attachment part.

Take your two body shapes and stick them to the hull.

Take the rudder part and bend them, then stick them together.

Take the rudder part and attach it to the body. Decorate the body with a pattern of your choice.

Go over the whole plane with your pattern except for the bottom. Take the stabilizers and stick them in place.

Use another filament rod to reinforce the stabilizer and do the same for the wings.

Attach the wheels at an angle, except the one at the rear, and attach the propeller from the top and the bottom. Your plane model is now complete!

Part 2 – You will need a battery, a switch, and a small motor.
Use electric tape to attach the components together and cover the whole assemlby. Then place the motor inside the plane through the open hull, keeping the switch at the bottom.

Push the motor to the front and secure it in place using your Lix UV.
To place the propeller, make a hole in the center and put it on the motor, or make a small extrusion with the Lix UV and stick it quickly to the motor before it cools.

Finish-off the top, and create a ring from which you can hang the plane.

You can attach it to the ceiling with a wire or put it on display on your desk!

Check the full video tutorial here

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